Bovino Equinos Porcinos Ovinos


Active Ingredient:

Penicillin G Benzathine
125 U.I.
Penicillin G Sodium
93.750 U.I.
Penicillin G Procaine
93.750 U.I.


Product Description

The only antibiotic that ensures immediate and sustainable therapeutic blood levels for up to 5 days. Great antimicrobial potency and high efficacy in the presence of organic matter and purulent exudates.

Presentation: 7.5 M U.I., 10 M U.I.


When suspended in 26 mL of adjunct diluent, a volume of 32 mL is reached, therefore each mL of the reconstituted suspension contains 93,750 I.U. Penicillin G Sodium, 93,750 I.U. of Procaine Penicillin G and 125,000 I.U. of Benzathine Penicillin G, for a total equivalent to 312,500 I.U. per mL.

The dosage in cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs is 10,000 to 20,000 I.U. per Kg of weight, in practice 1 mL for every 15 Kg of weight.Repeat the dose after 5 or 7 days, the frequency and duration of the treatment may vary according to the criteria of the Veterinarian.