International Quality in Animal Health Products

Rotam is a multinational company with a presence in more than 60 countries. Rotam's history dates back to the 1950's in the human pharmaceutical sector. A short time later Rotam ventured into the crop protection sector, where great advances and technological developments were made, characterized by  post-patent innovation.

Among the great variety of businesses that make up Rotam are a packaging company with the latest technology, a company of active ingredients for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical sectors, and most recently Rotam entered the animal health industry with Rotam-Vet.


Our responsibility is based on a commitment. A commitment to supply products of international quality to all veterinarians, breeders or owners of animals in the world. For this, we rely on our development teams and a selection of first choice partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Rotam-Vet also benefits from the experience and support of its parent company Rotam, which for decades has built a solid reputation within the agricultural sector. The proximity of the two agricultural and veterinary activities allows us to penetrate the target markets of global animal health.


Our vision is to provide solutions for our customers and our partners, to come together to create and provide animal health products, globally. By working together and combining many different skills and backgrounds, we deliver products of impeccable quality for our target markets.